LEA Professional joins forces with Pro Tech marketing

Pro Tech Marketing has partnered with LEA Professional to bring smart, IoT-ready amplifiers to the Rocky Mountain States.

With supply chain issues impacting much of the AV industry — putting integrators, installers and their many projects on indefinite hold — Pro Tech Marketing has partnered with LEA Professional to bring smart, IoT-ready amplifiers to the Rocky Mountain States, helping get pro audio projects back on track.

Pro Tech Marketing first heard of LEA Professional from their dealer base, with industry chatter highlighting the many successful projects with LEA Professional amplifiers, as well as LEA’s product availability. For Shane Tunnell, Owner, Pro Tech Marketing, it wasn’t just the success of these installs that drew him to the company, it was also the anecdotes he heard of how easy the LEA team were to work with.

“When it comes to the technical aspects of a product, there is a lot to be said for customer support and a company working seamlessly with other stakeholders,” said Tunnell. “We saw that people enjoy working with LEA not only because they have great products available, but because they are very supportive. That is definitely why we first reached out to LEA, and then after getting to know them, we saw they had a really talented team of good, industry-engaged people.”

Pro Tech Marketing was established in 1985 and covers all of the Rocky Mountain States including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. The company, which focuses on commercial establishments, is currently owned by Shane Tunnell and Jaylon Shane with the team sitting in three offices, Arizona, Denver and Salt Lake City.

“With over 35 years’ experience in the Pro AV market, Pro Tech Marketing is the ideal partner to allow us to expand the use of our technology to the Rocky Mountain States,” commented Scott Robbins, VP of Global Sales for LEA Professional. “The industry is suffering from inventory shortages and delays and we hope that we can work together to show more integrators how LEA can benefit their projects, in more ways than one.”

Unlike other industry players, LEA Professional has not suffered from the same supply chain delays, meaning integrators can rely on the company to deliver the technology they need.

“The fact that they have inventory in stock is huge because that’s one of the biggest issues our industry faces right now,” added Tunnell. “LEA’s sourcing capabilities and shorter lead times will help so many of our customers overcome uncertainty and ultimately deliver projects for clients.”

The LEA Professional Connect Series IoT-enabled amplifiers are a commercial-grade audio amplifier family perfectly suited for installations of any size. The user-friendly interface means that set up is fast and easy. The Connect Series also features cloud connectivity allowing users to harness the power of the cloud for remote control, monitoring, configuration, and more from any personal device. Connect Series also features HiZ and LoZ channel-selectable analog inputs, and external I/O control for remote on/off and fault monitoring.

“Some companies are trying to make the most advanced technical product out there and they make it extremely complicated, costing time and money on projects,” said Tunnell. “Finding the balance between an extensive feature set and ease of use is key and LEA has hit the real sweet spot. We look forward to working with them and making the lives of integrators easier.”