LEA Professional Brings a Community to the Cloud in Tel-Aviv

Established in 1991, Mandel Cultural Center is a community space located in the
Jaffa Region of Israel. The center caters to the needs of the local community, and because of its prime location beside one of the largest stadiums in Israel, it is in high demand for private functions. For this project TechTop Marketing, the largest importer in Israel for professional audio equipment worked with Charmer Group, Israel’s leading AVL systems installers to dramatically upgrade the facility’s audio system using LEA Professional solutions.

“Once Charmer Group recognized the team behind LEA Professional, they knew the technology and solutions provided would be nothing short of revolutionary,” explained Shimon Pick, Director at TechTop Marketing. “LEA has a huge depth of pro audio experience behind them, and going into a significant local project like this, that level of expertise is incredibly reassuring to all parties involved.”

What initially started as a system upgrade led to a complete new install in the center with Charmer Group choosing four CONNECT SERIES amplifiers from LEA Professional, including three Network Connect CS704 amps, and one Network Connect CS352. Perfectly suited for small- to-medium scale installations, these two-, four-, and eight-channel amps feature direct HiZ (70V or 100V) or LoZ selectable by channel.

With three ways to connect, integrators can engage the built-in Wi-Fi access point, connect to the venue’s Wi-Fi, or use the FAST Ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable. Mandel Cultural Center is a 200-person multifunctional space that is split into one large room and one smaller space. The center hosts music and art classes, live performances, lectures and various other community-led activities. The team at Charmer Group was committed to providing the center a flexible, high-performance audio system that could be enjoyed by all.

“I am very open-minded when it comes to new technologies,” explained Babu Levy, Co-Founder of Charmer Group. “We had initially looked at a different amplifier company for the project but when we were introduced to the LEA Professional products, including the Cloud control functionality, I knew we could better serve the venue and the community with their technology.”

With industry-leading solutions, all LEA Professional amplifiers leverage the built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core. The cloud platform allows integrators, such as Charmer Group, to control and monitor critical operational data points that are integral to maintaining system health securely and remotely. Individual amplifiers or entire venues of amps can be accessed and controlled securely, from anywhere in the world without the need to VPN into a Local Area Network.

“For us at Charmer Group, we don’t want a system that requires intense training and set up,” commented Levy. “From the first time we saw LEA’s amps in action we knew this was a product we could easily implement into many of our projects. They’re just easy to work with and you can tell these products were manufactured with integrators in mind.”

For David Budge, Founder of Blue5 Technology- LEA Professional’s representative in EMEA, this project marks the beginning of a strong growth journey in the region. “The demand for LEA Professional in the region is beyond anything we could have imagined,” commented Budge. “Cloud technology has never been more integral to a functioning society then it is today and we look forward to collaborating on more projects in the region over the coming months.”

While Mandel Cultural Center has yet to re-open to due to health and safety guidelines, the team is looking forward to welcoming the community back into the upgraded space when its safe to do so.