LDR’s debut: ISE 2024

Official statistics for ISE Barcelona 2024 record a staggering 51,617 visitors to the fair on Wednesday the 31st of January – the highest number ever recorded in a single day of the show’s history.

73,891 unique visitors from 162 countries attended in total, an increase of 27% on ISE 2023. With this in mind, LDR’s decision to participate in ISE for the first time was undoubtedly a winning one.

As per show regulations for new exhibitors, LDR’s booth was positioned in the corridor in front of Pavilion 7. This allocated exhibition space led LDR to the decision to prominently showcase two of the flagship products from their followspot family. Representing the pinnacle of technology in the market, Astro 600 6000K – currently the best-selling followspot from the company – and Astro 250 CM Wi-Fi HP, which has already received excellent feedback at recent industry fairs.

“The decision to exhibit at ISE was made many months ago, especially since LDR is undergoing a thorough corporate revival. We share a collective determination to consistently invest in fairs and events, introducing our products to potential new audiences, such as those attending ISE,” said Lisa Papi, Managing Director of LDR.

After the company’s recent success at LDI Las Vegas in December, the next ‘must-attend’ event was certainly the Barcelona-based show.

“Even at the time of writing this press release, we are still following up on many customer and visitor requests, expressing strong interest in our followspots. This further confirms their recognition as excellent tools in the market. What I have noticed is that many people from different countries and continents visited our booth. There were some familiar faces, but also numerous new contacts who I hope will soon experience the quality of our Astro fixtures,” Papi continued.

ISE was not just an exhibition commitment for LDR. In addition to the many innovations introduced by Luci Della Ribalta for 2024 is a new corporate communication initiative, expressed through their website and social media channels, which were particularly active during the Barcelona fair.