LDR to showcase new products at LDI 2023

LDR follow-spots on display at Frankfurt PLS 2023.

LDI opens from 3-5 December 2023 and is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall. LDR is exhibiting at this show, alongside their sole US distributor, CantoUSA, presenting several intriguing products, with a specific focus on follow-spots.

“This year, we wanted to present directly to the public a variety of our best follow-spots, a product type that is part of the company’s DNA,” said Lisa Papi, Managing Director of LDR.

“LDI and Las Vegas undoubtedly represent an important and ideal showcase and location to present our best technology to the world, products that we are very proud of! We want to demonstrate the power of our fixtures to as many visitors to booth #519 as possible,” continued Papi.

Beginning the main product lineup on display at LDR’s booth is the ASTRO 600 6000K. This latest LED follow-spot from LDR produces an astonishingly pure white beam of light with an extremely flat field, thanks to its integrated state-of-the-art LED engine and electronic control system.

Another key fixture in the showcase is LDR’s ASTRO WI-FI HP. This is one of the many models in a full range of powerful, precise, and user-friendly LED follow-spots ranging between 230W and 380W and available with 3200K, 5600K, or RGBW colour temperatures.

The STELLA 8/22 LED profile spot was also picked for display. Thanks to its double-condenser optics, this product produces a highly defined beam of pure white light and perfectly sharp gobo and shutters projection from any position.

Many more exciting, unique, and state-of-the-art features are hidden within LDR’s luminaires; uncover these from the 3-5 December 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth #519.