LD Systems IPA Series DSP Installation Power Amplifiers Now Available

Adam Hall Group announces the release of the new LD Systems IPA Series. The DSP-based 4-channel IPA 412 T (120 W) and IPA 424 T (240 W) installation power amplifiers offer AV system integrators a high degree of performance and flexibility in daily planning and installation operations and are suitable for medium to large installations in hotels, conference centers, educational institutions, houses of worship, and more. The built-in card slots allow Class D power amplifiers to be optionally equipped with Ethernet, or Ethernet + Dante expansion cards, thereby making the IPA Series a central signal component operating in the background of modern fixed installation projects and a versatile and scalable solution to complement the constantly growing LD Systems installation portfolio.

The four-channel IPA 412 T (120 W) and IPA 424 T (240 W) models have built-in transformers for each channel, a 100 V/70 V tap, and a low-impedance output at 4 ohms. Both models feature an expansion card slot that provides the option to have full control of all internal DSP parameters in IPA amplifiers via Ethernet and to integrate them seamlessly into larger Dante audio networks.

In the basic setup, the IPA power amplifiers work like a conventional installation amplifier with 70V / 100V taps and separate low impedance outputs. The DSP section includes, amongst others, a parametric EQ (including loudspeaker library), dynamic tools, matrix mixer, delay, and the ability to select a priority source. The IPA Series can also be operated with the future LD Systems remote control units and paging microphones by using a CAN-based (controller area network) REMOTE bus (in/out).

“The goal of Integrated Systems is to always provide solutions,” explained Gabriel Alonso Calvillo, Product Manager LD Systems, Integrated Systems, who played a major role in the development of the new IPA Series. “That’s why we initially focused on product solutions which are required for daily planning and installation operations. Creating relevant technical platforms will allow us to offer specialized solutions in the future too. In this way, we want to continually increase our market share in the AV fixed installation sector, while also simultaneously respecting the values that have always represented Adam Hall and its brands: reliability, performance, user orientation, design, and innovation”.