LAX Europe Took Over The Worldwide Sales of Neutral Audio´s Pro Range

LAX Europe has taken over the worldwide exclusive sales of all Neutral Audio´s Pro range items. This includes the products D.R.E.I. Pro, X-D.R.E.I. Pro and D.R.E.I. micro and others. Andreas Bünemann, CEO LAX Europe said: “We are proud to be able to offer to our customers, dealers and distributors one of the most amazing and progressively audio products in the market worldwide. With the DREI Technology it is truly possible to improve every PA system”

What is the DREI Technology?
In the original musical signal there are accumulated anomalies that deteriorate the sound. Intermodulation, asymmetry, interferences, electronic noise, alterations in the waveforms, non-sinusoidal, etc. These abnormalities are small, but once amplified severely restrain the electromagnetic behaviour of the speakers, and the the passive filters.

The final sound is not as desired, producing a muddled and inaccurate soundstage, altered timbre, cancelling out micro-details, with a sensation of compressed or limited audio and heavy, exaggerated or slow bass.
Neutral DREi is connected before the amplifier. Its analogue process helps with these abnormalities, giving a pure musical signal optimised for amplification and to be faithfully reproduced by dynamic speakers. It can achieve a detailed, pure, neutral and crystal clear sound, as well as music reproduction without listening fatigue.

· Technology exclusively developed for Neutral Audio
· 100% analogue, no digital process affects the audio signal.
· Completely transparent to the user, Plug & Play
· Specially recommended for live sound and musical reproduction, being most advisable for large setups, where Neutral DREi demonstrates its full capacity due to the complexity of setups and many speakers.
· Reduces artefacts and amplifies only musical content.
· Improves analogue signals coming from digital sources.
· Easier mixing and helps with intermodulation.
· With a Synergy control to adjust the buffers (3) or preamps response which DREi uses on the output, to obtain the best performance of the complete system.

Many famous artists are using this technology already. Here are what some people commented:
John Robbins, USA, stated: “The Neutral Audio device is very good. 10 times better than the other harmonic filters on the market. I have made many tests of the equipment in the studio and lab, with Audio Precision and TEF and it is a really well made unit.”
Javier Ronda said: “I tried it in the studio and the result was spectacular. Suddenly it seems that all the instruments become more defined. The mix planes were more defined. The basses gain clarity, the voices separate from the guitars, etc. I did the following tests: