La Condesa

Michelin Star-awarded restaurant La Codesa invests in Funktion-One to enhance its overall dining experience.

Located on Rue Rodier in Paris’s 9th district, La Condesa stands as a culinary gem in one of the city’s most exciting food destinations.

The area boasts a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, offering innovative cuisine and unique dining experiences. La Condesa, one of the first Michelin Star-awarded restaurants in the district, is setting standards in more ways than one. 

Intent on complementing his gastronomic standards with a high-end audio experience, owner Chef Indra Carrillo Perea selected a Funktion-One loudspeaker system for the venue.

The restaurant draws its name and inspiration from the vibrant neighbourhood of La Condesa in Mexico City. Known for its art deco architecture, galleries, trendy shops, parks, and dining experiences. La Condesa, which means ‘Countess’ in Spanish, is where Chef Indra began his culinary journey at the age of 12. This connection to his roots made it an obvious choice for the name of the restaurant.

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