Keith Bohn Joins Prolyte Group North American Team

Prolyte Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of hardware and structural solutions for the entertainment industry, continues expansion in the North American market with the announcement of Keith Bohn as General Sales Manager North America.

Keith Bohn is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry with over 25 years in design, manufacturing, and use of structural rigging solutions ranging from simple span truss applications to complex permanently installed structures worldwide.

Keith has served as a principal voting member in the Rigging Working Group of the ESTA Technical Standards Program since 1998 and has chaired the task groups creating and revising ANSI E1.2 (aluminium truss and towers) and ANSI E1.21 (temporary outdoor structures). Keith is also a Founding Contributor of the Event Safety Alliance and a co-chair of the rigging task group within the Event Safety Working Group. Keith’s experience includes instructing courses on the safe use of truss and outdoor structures worldwide and has authored multiple articles on safe rigging practices. He is also an ETCP Certified Rigger and ETCP Recognized Trainer.

“I am very excited about joining the Prolyte team,” stated Keith, “The attention given to user training and safety is impressive, not to mention the breadth of the product line covering very light applications to clear truss spans over 180′ in length.  I am eager to introduce more of the US market to Prolyte’s solutions, especially the innovative tool-free Verto line of truss.”

“This is an exciting time for Prolyte as there is such a strong commitment to assisting the user on many different levels. I am proud and excited to be a part of this dynamic team.”