K-array to launch software suite at InfoComm 2023

K-array, manufacturer of innovative professional audio solutions, will return to InfoComm this June where it will launch its latest technology in the form of a fully connected software suite.

These new software offerings are designed to complement K-array’s cutting-edge hardware and enhance the user experience of professionals across the audio industry.

“As we expand our group of K-array brands, including K-array, KGEAR and KSCAPE, we want to offer a 360-degree solution for the control and design of systems,” explained Alessandro Tatini, CEO & President, at K-array.

“With the launch of our interconnected series of software, including mobile apps, offline designer tools and monitoring solutions, we aim to provide a complete ecosystem for system designers and end users.”

To provide users with convenient access to system design tools and controls, K-array has developed a suite of design and configuration software to interact with their products.

Firstly, K-FRAMEWORK is an offline software designed for 3D simulation and amplifier configuration.

This application enables advanced users to simulate room coverage and then configure the amplifiers associated with the desired loudspeakers.

To further simplify the installation process and streamline network management for users, K-array also offers the K-CONNECT mobile app.

Available for iOS and Android devices, K-CONNECT streamlines the access procedure by allowing users to connect to any K-array amplifier hotspot with a simple scan of the QR code.

The app offers seamless browsing and modification of settings with a simplified user interface.

On-site, more experienced practitioners can use the new K-array web app, offering a comprehensive general configuration of systems.

For technical assistance during commissioning and for ongoing monitoring, K-array introduces K-MONITOR. This software offers efficient discovery tools.

The launch of these user-focused software solutions is part of K-array’s wider initiative to offer a fully connected suite of services for design, configuration, control and monitoring.

K-array amplifiers already benefit from a dedicated operating system (OsKar), and a third-party control API with plug-ins available for major control platforms including Q-SYS and Crestron.

They have gone one step further by launching a dedicated developer platform, enabling developers to create apps to further extend the functionality of K-array amplifiers.

The first service built on this platform is Dante Ready, allowing users to add Dante audio networking channels on demand.

“We are thrilled to demonstrate our range of software solutions at InfoComm 2023,” said Matteo Barbaro, Software Product Manager at K-array.

“With our innovative hardware and user-friendly software offerings, we are confident that professionals in the audio industry will enjoy enhanced control, convenience, and expanded functionality across the K-array brand.”

The K-array USA team will be on hand to explain more about new software offerings and professional audio solutions at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando Florida at booth #4981.