K-array Recognised for Tuscan Design Excellence for Anakonda

K-array has recently been awarded a place in the prestigious Museum of Tuscan Design (MuDeTo) for its innovative flexible speaker, the Anakonda.

Although more well-known for its rolling country side views, impressive marble sculptures and jaw-dropping architecture, the Tuscan region is also home to world renown designers whose inventions are just as recognisable worldwide, which is why the Museum of Tuscan Design (MuDeTo) set out to celebrate these designers for their important contributions.

“I founded the MuDeTo, which is the first design museum in the online world, with the aim of not only promoting already famous and well-known Tuscan products, but to also and above all bring local specialties that are known on a more regional level to light,” explains founder and president Luigi Trenti of MuDeTo.

“It’s when we will discover and make known to all the world of design professionals these little known talents that the project will achieve its objectives and our highest satisfaction.”

The digital museum has identified K-array’s co-founder Alessandro Tatini as a Tuscan designer who has changed the face of pro audio with his design of the flexible, two-meter speaker, the Anakonda KAN200, making it the 25th product to be hand selected into the museum. The loudspeaker will be displayed with products such as the Pipistrello table lamp designed by Gae Aulenti for Martinelli Luce, the Jumbo Tram cable car designed by Giovanni Klaus Koenig and Roberto Segnoni for Milan’s public transportation and the Joe sofa by Studio DDL for Poltronova, which are all named as part of Tuscany’s storied history in innovation and creation.

“K-array is a reality of absolute excellence in the world of audio and the revolutionary idea of the Anakonda KAN200 fully deserves its presence in our permanent collection,” says Trenti.

The Anakonda KAN200 has also been awarded with Most Innovative Loudspeaker at the InAVation Awards 2014 and the Best of Show at InfoComm 2014.

“It is very satisfying to have our brand and our products alongside great names in design as well as large, popular companies,” shared Tatini. “We have put a lot of effort into our prolific R&D and it is gratifying to see those efforts paid off with recognition like this from MuDeTo.”