Jetbuilt strengthens global footprint with new features, partnerships and hires

Jetbuilt has strengthened its global footprint through new software enhancements, strategic developer partnerships and a worldwide team.

In 2015, Jetbuilt was established to accelerate projects and simplify collaboration for AV professionals. Jetbuilt has evolved from a simple sales tool to an end-to-end project management solution. Jetbuilt recognised the overwhelming demand for an intuitive, global cloud-based solution. As a result, in 2016, Jetbuilt introduced core international functionality. Since its inception, Jetbuilt has become a trusted partner for many of the world’s most recognised integrators, dealers, distributors, consultants and manufacturers.

“As a commercial integrator in Southern California, I identified the need for a cloud-based platform that empowered fast collaboration,” said Paul Dexter, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jetbuilt. “At the time, there were a handful of AV software vendors and the community of integrators, including myself, had stressed the need to modernise their technology for the future of collaboration. They resisted strongly. Jetbuilt was established to not only fill that void but build a solution that would never stop listening to the growing needs of its customers.”

Dexter added: “Today, the companies that resisted the industry’s changing needs are either out of business or chasing Jetbuilt’s innovations. Our secret sauce comes from listening to our users and providing them with the tools to accelerate their businesses.”

Recently, Jetbuilt has introduced various global translations to streamline project workflow. The latest enhancement enables Jetbuilt users to render professional, high-impact project presentations to clients in their native languages. Additionally, Jetbuilt’s powerful multi-currency functionality allows users to compile products across multiple currencies and propose a project in an entirely different currency. Jetbuilt continues to partner with developers to introduce seamless integrations between Jetbuilt and industry-leading business platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Solutions 360, Acumatica and many others.

Notably, Jetbuilt has hired Jonathan Breckon-Rowe to lead Jetbuilt’s business development and customer relationships in EMEA. Breckon-Rowe brings nearly three decades of experience in the professional AV industry. Notably, Breckon-Rowe served as the Chief Technology Officer for Kramer Electronics UK. In his role at Jetbuilt, Breckon-Rowe works closely with Jetbuilt’s customers throughout EMEA to understand their specific needs and build solutions designed to propel their businesses.

“We are proud to be a trusted resource for leaders, such as Kinly, Solotech, Electrosonic and many others,” noted Dexter. “Our Jetbuilt community continues to grow, and we are pleased to welcome many smaller integrators that have found immense success collaborating with multi-location teams. Whether it’s a notable global player or a niche integrator, we continue to listen to industry demands through our live support desk, annual Jetbuilt User Summit, and countless open meetings at our offices and trade shows around the world. We will never stop listening to our users and crafting powerful solutions to solve today’s workflow challenges.”