Jetbuilt launches Bid Processing

Jetbuilt, leader in AV project sales and management software, has announced Bid Processing.

The venture is designed to empower integrators, consultants and end users to manage their project bidding and evaluation process within Jetbuilt.

Bid Processing, the latest enhancement in Jetbuilt’s “Bridging the Silos” initiative, was developed with highly-requested features to streamline workflows and foster better communication between integrators, consultants and end users within one easy-to-use and purpose-built platform.

Through extensive research with the world’s top global corporate clients, Bid Processing was built to accelerate the current bid evaluation process.

Jetbuilt, in partnership with AV User Group, collaborated with end users and designers at the world’s leading corporate entities to better understand their current process for requesting and evaluating bids.

The community provided feedback, insights and recommendations that empowered Jetbuilt to design the latest functionality.

“Bid Processing emerged through research, evaluation and testing with over a hundred industry-leading end-user clients to understand their current workflows.

“As a result, we’ve developed a resource for integrators to efficiently respond to each bid request while helping end users accurately and efficiently evaluate bids,” said Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt.

“I spent over a year travelling the world meeting with our end-user clients and members of the AV User Group and AV Consultancy Group to discover the pain points, bottlenecks and suggested solutions and workflows of these parties.

“Some sent me home with their internal tools, which became the bedrock of Bid Processing.”

Owen Ellis, chairman of AV User Group, added, “It’s always incredibly satisfying when a supplier’s sponsorship of the AV User Group and AV Consultancy Group provides measurable value to both them and our membership.

“Jetbuilt’s engagement and their desire to develop their product for use within consultant and end-user segments resulted in feedback that guided them to develop a bid servicing and evaluation element.

“We’re delighted to see this come to fruition and the announcement that this is now available within their platform.”

With Bid Processing, consultants and end users can send a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) or Bid Tender to one or more of their preferred integrators within Jetbuilt.

The project is outlined in a digital RFP, which is faster to create, easier to update and more efficient to deliver.

Integrators receive the fully-populated project within their Jetbuilt environment, eliminating the need to manually import every item inside the project from each sender’s various formats and organisational approaches.

As a result, all locations, systems and scope are organised and defined, thus drastically reducing an integrator’s estimating and response time. All Requests for Information (RFQs) are handled within the platform, as well as document and image sharing, approvals for alternative products and more.

Integrators can submit their proposals, and the consultant or end user can efficiently evaluate the project based on value, system performance and certifications, and award the project to their preferred vendor.

“Jetbuilt is not trying to alter how projects are designed, bid and awarded,” said Dexter. “Instead, we are streamlining the workflow for all parties to manage the entire lifespan of the RFP – from the initial project scope to the proposal evaluation.

“Bid Processing empowers integrators to reduce their response time by 80%, and an end-user to reduce their communication and evaluation time by 80%. In that case, everyone wins while preserving the existing value-based competitive landscape.”

Bid Processing in the latest development in Jetbuilt’s “Bridging the Silos” initiative. Through years of serving a wide range of professionals across different roles within the AV industry, Jetbuilt’s team has identified a need for more robust cross-profession communication.

Ushering in a new era, Jetbuilt is focused on Bridging the Silos within the industry to foster better communication and collaboration, all within one easy-to-use and purpose-built platform.

Along with providing the tools to build, sell, and manage projects with speed and efficiency, Jetbuilt’s platform is designed to enable real-time communication across various roles.