Jazz at Lincoln Centre hosts fete for Meyer Sound’s NADIA

To mark the first commercial installation of the NADIA integrated digital audio platform for Constellation Acoustic Systems, Meyer Sound brought together acclaimed performers at the Appel Room of Jazz at Lincoln Centre in New York.

Co-presented by Jazz at Lincoln Centre (JALC) and Meyer Sound, and dubbed “NADIA’s Music Hall,” the event underscored the versatility of the Constellation acoustic system, which subtly optimised the room’s aural ambience for each performance.

Company co-founders John and Helen Meyer were in attendance, with Executive Vice President Helen Meyer and Constellation Project Director John Pellowe making introductions.

“We’re doing this so you can hear — and enjoy — how these different musical genres sound naturally their best using the Appel Room’s Constellation acoustic system, recently upgraded with the NADIA platform,” commented Helen Meyer, in her opening speech.

Guitarist and songwriter Steve Miller — who recently joined the Board of Directors of Jazz at Lincoln Centre — recounted his relationship with John Meyer and the venue.

Miller remarked: “John is a perfectionist and the sound in this room is an example of that.”

The evening closed with an interlude of lively jazz from the Bruce Harris Quintet, introduced by Wynton Marsalis, the managing and artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Centre.

In his introduction, Marsalis revealed: “When I ask presenters about Constellation, it seems everyone knows what it is, even if they don’t have it. And when I play dry rooms that are not ambient, where the sound needs a lot of help, I say, ‘Call Helen and John Meyer, the hippest people you are ever going to meet.'”

Helen Meyer concluded that the event: “proved to be the ultimate showcase of how we strive to give artists and audiences the best possible experience at the intersection of technology and art.”