ISE 2024’s Lighting & Staging Zone illuminates innovation

The Lighting & Staging Zone at ISE 2024 will serve as a hub for exploration of the ever-changing illumination industry, shining a light on the incredible technology that enhances performance, heightens audience connection, and creates an unforgettable, immersive experience.

Located for the first time in Hall 1 at ISE 2024, the Lighting & Staging Zone showcases lighting/lighting control, rigging/staging equipment, motion tracking, video mapping, holography, and much more. It promises a huge variety of solutions, spanning those appropriate for small temporary venues, right up to fixtures for major stadium concerts.

In Hall 1, you’ll find globally recognised manufacturers like Robe that develops moving and LED lights for stages of all sizes; Elation Professional, with its innovative IP65-rated outdoor moving heads, theatre-grade luminaires, Fresnel key lights, and LED batten fixtures; ARRI and its recognised expertise in world-class lighting systems for state-of-the-art production workflows; or Cameo, that offers everything from state-of-the-art moving lights to PAR and Fresnel spotlights. At ISE, you’ll also find companies such as MA Lighting, a developer of networked lighting solutions and desks like the grandMA3 series, and LED video display specialist AVA LED Screen.

Join like-minded professionals on this thrilling journey, investigating the illumination evolution at ISE’s Lighting & Staging Zone, where possibilities unfold, connections thrive, and breakthroughs await discovery.