Hydra Measurement System Starts Shipping Globally

Following the successful launch and positive feedback from the industry on its new Hydra measurement tool for LED panels, Brompton Technology is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated system is now shipping globally. Among the first wave of systems to arrive with customers, a number have reached Shenzhen, where Brompton has recently opened its new larger China office. These Hydras are already being used for panel calibrations by Brompton’s many panel manufacturer partners, assisted by a team of Calibration Support Engineers.

The Hydra is an advanced measurement system custom-designed for LED panels fitted with a Tessera R2 receiver card. Panels must be measured with Hydra to benefit from Dynamic Calibration, the ground-breaking technology that unleashes a panel’s full potential so it can achieve brighter whites, higher contrast ratios, more saturated colours, and true-to-life colour accuracy, delivering a previously unattainable level of image quality and realism through Brompton HDR.

Investors in the Hydra system will benefit from the system’s minimal set-up time, comprehensive error checks and its ability to generate reports in multiple languages to give an objective assessment of panel performance. This makes it straightforward to confirm that each new batch of panels meets individual specifications and reduces the potential for user error.

“Our original plan was to support every delivery with in-person training and full setup,” said Thomas Walker, Product Manager for Brompton. “We’ve had to adapt to the current climate but are still offering our renowned 24/7 global tech support by employing all available remote collaboration tools, such as video conference, phone support, and remote desktop control if needed.”

The first production run of Hydra sold out immediately after its launch. Rental companies including Fuse, Creative Technology and Faber AV have been early adopters, taking the opportunity to upgrade the capabilities of their existing LED panel inventory.

“We announced Hydra last November and it got a great reception. But our whole industry has been facing tough times since then – and our focus has been on supporting our team and our customers worldwide,” says Brompton’s Managing Director, Richard Mead. “It now gives me enormous pleasure to announce that we’ve delivered the first Hydra measurement systems, which will allow Brompton customers to significantly upgrade their current fleet of LED panels with all the power and flexibility of Dynamic Calibration and Brompton HDR.”