HOF expands the MLT series with the MLT THREE

The MLT Pre Rig Truss Series from HOF gets a new member to complete the MLT Series: the MLT THREE.

The MLT series now consists of the MLT THREE, MLT TWO, MLT ONE, MLT ZERO and the MLT FRAME.

The MLT THREE has no closed head frame and is open at the bottom. This makes it easier to mount moving lights or video modules in the truss.

In addition, the dolly of the MLT THREE Pre Rig Truss has extended telescopic legs that allow the user to mount complete video modules, including the hanging frame, in the truss and leave them in the truss during transportation.

A rail system is optionally available for the MLT THREE, which makes mounting the units in the pre rig truss even easier: the rail system is a double rail system.
This means that the units can be suspended on 2 different levels and no lowering bar is required.

The rail system also allows the user to mount lighting equipment at the transitions between two trusses and to create seamless transitions between the video modules in the trusses.

When loaded vertically, the load-bearing capacity of the MLT THREE Pre Rig Truss is the same as that of the MLT TWO Pre Rig Truss. When using both systems in a track, the static calculation of the MLT THREE must be applied.

All accessories such as the protection cover, the lowering bar, the lowering T-bar as well as the distance holder fit both the MLT ONE, the MLT TWO and the MLT THREE Pre Rig Truss. The forklift adapter fits both the MLT TWO and the new MLT THREE.
The MLT THREE of course has telescopic legs, folding legs and rotatable forks, just like the MLT TWO.

The MLT THREE is fully compatible with the MLT TWO.

The MLT THREE will celebrate its world premiere at Prolight + Sound and can be found at the HOF booth in Hall 12.0 Booth E56.