HIVE & Production Park forge strategic partnership

Manufacturers of innovative media engines, HIVE is known for its alternative approach to offering outstanding performance in a smaller form factor.

With lower energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint, HIVE products offer the same or improved media output as costly competitors.

On a mission to continually improve the way AV projects are delivered, HIVE products have been deployed at immersive events and exhibitions around the world, including the Japan 2020 Olympics, Liverpool World Museum, Dubai World Expo and Frameless London.

Of particular note is the recent launch of HIVE’s innovative BeeBlade product, an integrated media control solution offering unprecedented efficiency and convenience at an affordable price point.

This ambition has led HIVE to forge a strategic partnership with the prestigious live experience and entertainment campus, Production Park.

A community of people and businesses focusing on innovation and cross-collaboration, Production Park is where live events and experiences are created.

This partnership is based on the shared future visions of HIVE and Production Park – innovative technology with a reduced carbon footprint that is disruptive to the marketplace.

Furthermore, through this partnership, HIVE now has access to capital to support its growth and product roadmap.

HIVE and Production Park’s partnership will continue to strengthen through the sponsorship of HIVE products within Production Park Studios & Classrooms, whilst Kane Sargent, an ex-student of Backstage Academy at Production Park, has joined the HIVE team as a Full Time Support Engineer.

“Production Park is where the industry comes together, and we’re thrilled that our technology has a place there,” remarked Mark Calvert, Co-Founder at HIVE.

“It’s also important to us that the people around us are aligned on our core values, such as innovation, education and sustainability, and the expertise and experience at Production Park is rooted solidly in these foundations.”

‘HIVE stands for all we believe in here at Production Park; innovation, sustainability and a dedication to transferring the tools and the knowledge to the next generation of live experience professionals,” confirmed Lee Brooks, CEO at Production Park.

“We’re delighted to be able to support its exciting growth story.”