Hive Lighting Goes Wireless with LumenRadio

Hive Lighting goes wireless with LumenRadio

Hive Lighting provides high performance and energy efficient lighting solutions since 2011.

Their niche products are all developed to fit the demands and standards of professional lighting technicians.

Robert Rutherford, Hive Lighting’s founder said: “Our C-Series products are used for film, television and digital media production, as well as scientific research and testing. We also have an architectural fixture line, ArcHIVE, and those are used for museums, galleries, theatres, hotels, retail stores and other high-end architectural applications.”

Having a wireless option is a must-have feature in the professional lighting industry today. Hive Lighting’s fixtures offer the user a huge amount of control.

Robert added: “LumenRadio is the entertainment industry standard for adding reliable wireless DMX control for production lighting. We chose LumenRadio to allow our fixture to be compatible with all of the control systems in place throughout the film, TV and digital production industry.”

The user is able to adjust features such as colour temperature, saturation and hue, as well as choose various white light profiles and run special lighting effects, to name a few. Having access to these controls wirelessly allows the user the maximum amount of creativity and flexibility while saving time and money.

Robert Larsson, Sales Director at LumenRadio explained: “We are very happy to have Hive Lighting onboard as an OEM partner. Hive is an innovative company with great people and great products and we are delighted they have decided to use LumenRadio as their trusted wireless partner. We are confident that Hive Lighting, and their customers, will have an exciting and bright future of creative projects ahead of them.”