HIVE launches SDM-compatible media engine

HIVE launches the BeeBlade, a new product offering that is set to redefine the way media players are used across various applications. BeeBlade represents a game-changing approach to media playback, making it the most advanced and adaptable solution in today’s fast-moving media engine market.

“I’m very excited about our new BeeBox and BeeBlade products, featuring our game-changing BeeSync technology. Developed in partnership with Intel, this cutting-edge technology enables seamless frame-perfect synchronisation across devices without the need for separate reference sync cabling and expensive HDSDI hardware,” explained Trey Harrison, Co-Founder at HIVE. “The BeeBlade sits inside a projector or display and requires only an Ethernet connection. The simplicity this brings to synchronised blended multi-projector installations will set a new standard in our industry!”

BeeBlade sets itself apart with its ability to be deployed in three different formats. Firstly, it can be inserted directly into SDM-compatible projectors or displays, leveraging the advantages of the SDM format whilst simplifying installation and eliminating the need for expensive video distribution systems. Alternatively, BeeBlade can be deployed in a standalone box, a BeeBox, ideal for situations where display technology lacks an SDM slot, yet where users still want to harness the power of the distributed architecture. Lastly, for those seeking a high-density rack solution, multiple BeeBlade modules can be inserted into an accompanying product, the BeeHive, enabling an impressive 16 x 4k output from a single 5U rack, delivering the highest-density media playback solution on the market. This high level of scalability and versatility positions BeeBlade as the go-to solution for professional media playback across an unlimited range of use cases.

The new BeeBlade range incorporates HIVE’s proprietary BeeSync technology, achieving perfect synchronisation across multiple displays, with precise frame-accurate synchronisation of HDMI video outputs across all Ethernet-connected video players, wherever they are located. Comparable to more expensive genlocked systems, BeeSync revolutionises synchronisation capabilities, eliminating the need for extra hardware and cabling. HIVE’s flagship BeeBlade modules are fully compatible with all SDM-equipped Panasonic projectors and displays as part of an ongoing relationship between the brands.

“The flexibility this product offers the customer is disruptive – an industry first. Users can buy an SDM card from us which they can put directly into a projector or display negating the requirement for expensive, unreliable, and awkward-to-install distribution systems, or they can use the standalone box option when an SDM slot is not available, confirms Dave Green, Co-Founder at HIVE. “It’s a one-size-fits-all solution.”

Furthermore, BeeBlade’s modular design allows customers to purchase the exact number of outputs they need, offering a scalable solution that optimises costs. Unlike other manufacturers that may require the purchase of multiple systems to accommodate specific output requirements, BeeBlade and BeeHive empower customers to scale their systems precisely to their project needs. Green explains this concept further: “HIVE customers only need to buy the number of outputs that they need. If a project requires 11 4k outputs, they buy a BeeHive and populate it with 11 BeeBlades. The cost involved scales according to the requirement, offering a future-proofed solution. This is unlike anything else on the market.”

“BeeBlade offers the highest density of outputs, silky smooth playback and amazing scalability, all within the same great HIVE software ecosystem,” says Mark Calvert, Co-Founder at HIVE. “We believe the BeeBlade module and accompanying BeeBox and BeeHive products are disruptors in this market, and we look forward to seeing how our users deploy this technology over the upcoming months.”

BeeBlade and BeeBox are available now and are already being sold worldwide. HIVE expects the BeeHive product to ship in Q4 of 2023.