HARMAN Professional Launches Redesigned Education Alliance Program

HARMAN Professional Solutions has debuted a redesigned and streamlined web portal for its Education Alliance Program (EAP), available to universities and colleges worldwide. The updated portal gives university and college AV and IT managers more immediate, at-a-glance access to rewards points, account management and an overall simplified user experience.

For more than a decade, HARMAN’s Education Alliance Program has been rewarding higher education institutions with its exclusive, industry leading customer loyalty program. Members can earn and redeem points for free products, access training and technical support, and gain recognition through sponsored case studies. Visitors to the EAP web portal can join the program, track and redeem their rewards points, and view and manage their account activity – all from a single location.

At the newly redesigned EAP portal, eap.harman.com, users will find that it’s quicker and easier to view rewards points in the top right corner of the portal, at all times, no matter what section of the portal you’re on. It’s also simpler to view detailed account activity with most recent transactions on the main account page and the ability to access transaction history and individual transaction details. And, several additional UI enhancements have been made throughout the portal to make it easier to navigate and use.

“HARMAN has a proud, longstanding tradition of serving the higher ed community with technology innovations that empower strategic advancements in education delivery,” said Derek Covin, HARMAN Professional Solutions Senior Director of Sales Operations and Project Management. “We initially created the program to reward our customers for their loyalty, allowing them to redeem points for free products. The new portal offers us yet another opportunity to thank members by simplifying account management to ultimately get them the products and support they’ve earned, more efficiently than ever before.”