Green Hippo processes soaring Hippotizer demand

Green Hippo’s London-based manufacturing operation is reporting high demand for its range of industry-leading Hippotizer Media Servers and is ramping up production to meet orders.
The team says the first quarter of 2023 saw a huge rise in sales across all Hippotizer models, including the flagship Tierra+ MK2 and high-performance Boreal+ MK2. Most orders are coming in from the rental and staging sectors of the industry.
The recent launch of the Hippotizer v4.8 software update, which packed in a host of new and upgraded features designed to power up real-time media manipulation, playback and mapping, drove sales.
Major enhancements of the new software included Show Manager, facilitating complete control of multiple productions and installations at once and an upgraded Timeline feature – where pre-recorded looks can be easily transferred onto a Preset Timeline for quick, easy show programming – and the much-loved SHAPE tool which introduced Dockable Windows, aiding customisable workspace management and enhancing 3D project visibility.
Built-in integrations were also upgraded, with a notable addition being the NDI update to version 5.5, which includes game-changing features to its media over IP protocol, allowing for more creative freedom connecting any device with any location.
Zep Mouris, Hippotizer Product Architect at tvONE said: “The Hippotizer team consistently works hard to implement more and more world-class features in each update and 4.8 is something we’re very proud of.
“We know Hippotizer users are powering some of the most exciting projects on the planet right now, and 4.8 is feeding into them all. We’re thrilled that the new version has been so warmly welcomed.”
In addition to the boost in sales, Green Hippo is running a limited-time promotion, granting Hippotizer users the opportunity to upgrade to the latest advancements of the Hippotizer software at a discounted price.
Whether users behind 2 versions or 4, they can get a discounted price and join our network of creators and users, enjoying the latest features. The promotion runs from September 1 – November 1, 2023, and includes an upgrade to Hippotizer V4.8 and all subsequent 4.8.X releases.
Green Hippo’s Hardware Replacement and Software Assurance Program (HRSA), enables end users to future-proof software upgrades and trade-in aging Hippotizer Media Servers for newer models.
Available for all Hippotizer Media Servers owners, the Hardware Replacement half of the program enables existing Hippotizer V4 and V4+ owners to trade their systems in for brand-new Hippotizer V4+ MK2 servers at a discounted price.
The Software Assurance half determines what versions of new software will install onto a Hippotizer system, providing the certainty of future software features needed to plan for product investment.
Together, HRSA reduces the total cost of ownership of a Hippotizer Media Server, delivering a faster and better ROI.
Frithjof Becker, Director of EMEA Sales at tvONE, commented: “Our R&D team has been working hard to design, implement and release upgrades across the board and we recognise that our users are hungry for the best features on the market.
“At a time when the AV landscape is advancing so quickly and Hippotizer users are creating the cutting edge of what’s possible, the Hippotizer HRSA Program is there to support you.
“Our production line is working to meet demand and fulfil orders for our Hippotizer Media Server range as quickly as possible and we thank everyone who’s investing or upgrading.”