Green-GO digital intercom series scales quality comms at Pingtan Performing Arts Center

Fujian Province’s new Pingtan International Performing Arts Center invests in a series of Green-GO digital intercom products. Photo: EZPRO

Fujian Province’s new Pingtan International Performing Arts Center recently invested in a series of Green-GO digital intercom products to provide a much-needed scalable, high-quality sound and simple-to-use solution.

The Center, which serves as the a cultural hub in the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area in northeast Jinjing Bay, is a vast building. It includes a 1,500-seat theatre, a 400-seat multi-function hall and a public centre for performance and art, covering almost 40,000 sq.m. Now open for business, it will be the home of a stage play directed by Chinese famous dancer YANG Liping called ‘Pingtan Impression’.

Chinese AV solution provider EZPro was responsible for the audio system design and installation at the Center.

“The project needed an intercom system with a good quality of sound, which is easy to use and would be scalable. Therefore, we chose the innovative Green-GO digital intercom solution,” says EZPro technical engineer, FAN Gaoqing. “Green-GO IP technology allows the implementation of a full intercoms system without expensive central matrixes and complex, time-consuming programming. The system meets all the client’s current needs and, importantly, offers easy and affordable upscaling in the future.”

At the core of the Center’s system is a Green-GO MCX multi-channel rack station, which is designed to allow direct access for up to 32 separate intercom groups or partylines. The team has installed this in the mobile stage monitoring cabinet, enabling them to clearly see the status of each channel in use across all of the venue’s three performance spaces. This is matched with five Green-GO MCXD multi-channel desk stations, located in key locations across the venues for directors and production managers to use. The Ethernet-connected MCXD unit is awash with easy-to-assign multicolour push-buttons, allowing the operators to speak to individuals or groups as desired.

The production team is also now kitted out with six Green-GO WBPX multi-channel wireless beltpacks, which are configured in the system for communication mainly among the Center’s sound and lighting engineers. These connect with Green-GO’s Ethernet-based system via a series of WAA wireless active antenna. The Center has also invested in wired BPX multi-channel wired beltpacks, which connect to intercom network outlets in spaces such as dressing rooms, resting rooms, corridors, and machine rooms.

EZPro also responded to the Center’s need to integrate analogue intercom systems into the new Green-GO digital Ethernet network, and to connect radio devices that are often used by the Center’s security guards and background staff who use walkie-talkies. To achieve this, they specified the Green-GO InterfaceX, to facilitate connection between the intercom system and the PA system. The director of ‘Pingtan Impression’ can also use this interface to transmit instructions through the PA system.

“We’re thrilled that EZPro and the Pingtan International Performing Arts Center have chosen to use the Green-GO communications system,” says Silvio Cibien, CEO at Green-GO. “We’re very proud of our Ethernet network-based digital intercom system and the accessories now on offer, which the Center has taken full advantage of. One of the most wonderful aspects of the Green-GO system is that it has no single point of failure, because there is no central unit that carries the entire system. We wish the team at the Center success for the future, and thank EZPro for their professionalism in realising this project.”

In addition to the Pingtan Impression show, the Center offers a host of attractions for the public throughout its multi-purpose spaces, including a reading area with more than 10,000 books, an audio-visual room, and an electronic chess board. It is now fully open for use.