GDS Appoints James Hall And Scott Kerslake to New Roles

Leading Bristol-based technology company GDS, has appointed two of its existing team to leading new roles within the company. Having confirmed the forthcoming launch of brand new product ranges, GDS has given James Hall the responsibility of heading up sales in both the entertainment and architecture sectors, whilst Scott Kerslake will act as key accounts executive for entertainment products.

James worked in the entertainment lighting side of GDS’s business, before leaving for a brief period to develop his knowledge of the architectural sector. He returns having gained valuable experience and will work closely with Managing Director Richard Cuthbert to introduce customers to the company’s new Reality Series and Prodigy Series lighting and control products.

As a highly-skilled former production technician, with an appreciation of GDS technologies gained from hands-on experience, Scott is ideally placed to maintain the exceptional customer service for which GDS is renowned.

Managing Director Richard Cuthbert states that the appointments are part of the new long-term development plan for GDS: “Both James and Scott are dedicated to GDS and are proven, highly committed specialists. With the departure of former director Matt Lloyd, it was essential to place strong candidates in these important, customer-facing roles. I am fully confident that James and Scott have all the required qualities to help develop further significant growth for GDS.”

Having recently rebranded and launched a new website, GDS is currently engaged on a tour of its distribution partners to promote and explain, face to face, the advantages that its new product ranges can bring to customers. As well as presenting detailed insights into the products, this ‘distributor tour’ will be an excellent opportunity for James and Scott to consolidate relationships across the marketplace and discuss in person, the specific needs of GDS customers.