Funktion-One Compact System from for Fantazia in Kosovo

Funktion-One distributor overcame the geographical challenges of the global pandemic to specify and install one of Kosovo’s first permanent Funktion-One sound systems. Fantazia, which is operated by renowned underground promoters Servis, is a bar and club concept with high quality electronic music, excellent sound and a policy of inclusivity at its core.

Servis was founded in 2016 by Leo Lumezi and Patrik Ukiq as a club night, which has expanded into a platform for unique creative concepts and collaborative experiments with its crew of DJs and designers working on projects in the arts, sound, film and fashion.

Leo explained: “Fantazia, meaning Fantasy, is the realisation of a long-term dream of ours to create a daily running home of music in Pristina, which would bring together music lovers and friends in a weekly curated programme, together with Funktion-One sound quality.”

The pair first met’s Benoit Vanderhaghen when he supplied the sound for a Ricardo Villalobos show at Pristina’s Zone Club in 2016, and reconnected in November 2020 as preparations for the new venue advanced.

“Everything happened very fast,” recalled Benoit. “Three weeks after our call, the installation needed to be done. There was no time to fly there from Paris and there was also the budget to consider.”

Fantazia occupies a rectangular, 80m2 space on the site of a former butcher’s shop, in a popular area of Pristina’s city centre. With residents all around, there’s a need for the sound system to impress within the venue and have minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Having relocated from Sofia, Bulgaria to his native France to be with his family during lockdown, Benoit designed the system remotely using plans and photos of the venue.

After highlighting that compact Funktion-One speakers offer the same sonic characteristics as large format systems like Evo and Vero, specified four F101 mid/high speakers and a Minibass 212 with power from an F40Q-DSP (made for Funktion-One by Full Fat Audio) and an NST VR1 PoE (power over Ethernet) remote panel for volume control and pre-set recall.

“When I sent them the first offer, they said they would prefer something bigger and with the horns – they wanted the Funktion-One image,” Benoit explained. “They were a little worried until we turned the system on, but then they were convinced they had made the perfect choice.”

In order to carry out the installation, Benoit (with negative Covid test in hand) flew to Sofia where he was met by technician Hristo Shterev. The pair then drove to Pristina to install the system. Due to the project still being in the construction phase, Shterev returned four weeks later, when the venue was complete, for the final calibration and tuning.

Patrik Ukiq commented: “Fantazia is thought and built around our passion and commitment to electronic music culture and, as such, providing a cutting-edge sound experience is essential to us. We are a bar with a clubby feel, so the Funktion-One system works perfectly for our space and concept.”

Benoit said: “The sound is sweet, with good projection. The crossed-stereo setup for the F101s makes for a great stereo image everywhere in the venue and the bass is deep and tight – powered by two mono-bridged channels of the F40Q-DSP.”

On working with, Leo added: “It was a wonderful collaboration – their solutions and professional advice were very helpful.”