Frank Hoehn Appointed as New SGM Global Sales Manager

Peter Johansen and Frank Hoehn.

SGM is proud to announce industry-renowned Frank Hoehn as new VP of Global Sales. Frank brings with him many years of experience from the industry, and looks forward to being part of the SGM team.

“SGM is structured in a very professional way, with all the right elements to continue to develop further to be a really important player, and I am excited to be able to use my experience to help SGM grow,” stated Frank, who most recently worked as Director of Business Development, and EMEA Hospitality
for Martin / Harman International.

Frank always dreamt of travelling the world, and has truly enjoyed the Danish work-style and open-minded culture, leading him to SGM on December 1st, 2017.

“Denmark has always been strong in going out in the world and selling what Denmark has to offer. For such a small country to have so many world-renowned and iconic brands and companies is quite amazing, and is only possible if you are open to learn about other cultures, without moving away from own principles. Everyone here is so nice and open-minded, and SGM is no exception,” said Frank, who has held international management positions in Australia, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

While Frank is a newly hire, he is not new to SGM development. In fact, he has been following SGM’s growth from the sidelines for years.

“I have been very impressed with how Peter Johansen successfully developed the company; his ability to work on bold ideas, and make them into actual, tangible products. I remember when SGM introduced the waterproof G-Spot moving head and the whole industry was doubtful if it could work. Nevertheless, Peter and the awesome SGM team made it happen, and it is now part of a very successful product family.” exclaimed Frank, who loves the idea of supporting lighting designers and producers in carrying out their creative visions.

“It might be a cliché, but I feel like, in this industry, there is a deeper purpose than just selling a product. We work with feelings and emotions, whether underlining a structure or landscape or enhancing the audience experience at an art performance, concert, or other live performance, we specialise in improving space through light. And SGM has all the tools and level of innovation to do that, plus a great team with a lot of passion and positive energy,” stated Frank.