FBT Unveils New Demonstration Facility

FBT is set to welcome visitors from around the globe to its newly opened demonstration facility, the result of a substantial investment on the part of the company’s owners. The facility is equipped with a full range of FBT’s audio solutions from line arrays to systems for installed sound.

The facility will now serve as the main hub of FBT’s technical education programme, hosting seminars for both international and domestic visitors. As well as providing a dedicated space in which FBT technical experts and product specialists can meet and assist FBT clients, the demonstration area will also provide new opportunities for product testing.

“The investment that we have poured into this facility has been quite high, and we have equally high expectations of how it will help us to reach out to our clients and our partners, both domestically and internationally,” commented FBT CEO Bruno Tanoni. “Our goal was to create a dedicated, wide open space equipped with the most advanced acoustic treatment solutions available, allowing us to fully demonstrate why FBT products are so well respected all over the world. I am proud that we have achieved that.”