Eventec Takes Over PR Lighting’s Australian Distribution

Major lighting reseller, Eventec has been appointed PR Lighting’s new exclusive Australian distributor.

Eventec MD, Emanuel Maniatis said: “Given the prior relationship between PR Lighting, and notably Sasha Xiong, with myself and our operations manager Yan Shao, it seemed obvious that Eventec would be in an excellent position to bring PR Lighting back to Australia.”

Xiong herself said she was “thrilled” by the new relationship. “Emanuel Maniatis is an old friend of PR Lighting, and his extensive knowledge about our products, the industry and the market trends makes this an ideal partnership.

“I believe Eventec can offer high-quality service and support, and take PR to another level in Australia and benefit all our customers there.”

Emanuel had formerly been the service manager, and later purchasing manager for one of the previous distributors for PR Lighting, dating back to the days when the manufacturer was an OEM supplier.

“PR Lighting has been in Australian for some time,” he said. “Their product is of high quality and they have a very good development team.

“Up to this date we have been supplying middle-range lighting, and PR Lighting would sit in the upper range of our portfolio. Significantly, it has also introduced a large range of architectural products.”

He confirmed that Eventec would guarantee “top quality support and reasonable pricing” to bring the confidence back in the market, and they have wasted no time in honouring this commitment. “We have started supporting the products which are already in the market and our demonstration stock will be here during the course of late July/ early August.”

“Initially we will be targeting our existing client base and the brand will be on demonstration with Eventec at the next industry show, Integrate, which will take place in Melbourne, in late August.”

In conclusion, he said, “Eventec is a relatively new company in the Australian market, which has grown quickly over the past few years.

“With the lack of higher-end moving heads and architectural fixtures, as well as the excellent relationship between us, it simply makes sense that we take on PR Lighting.”