Eurolite Expands TMH Series

Eurolite expands the TMH series with the arrival of TMH-S200 and TMH XB-280 fixtures.

The 200W strong TMH-S200 white LED produces enough light power to be used alongside other spotlights on larger stages. Its zoom range extends from 8° to 22°, so that the spot can be used flexibly. For images, it features a rotating and a static gobo wheel with a total of 16 different images. The rotating gobos are indexable, so that graphics or logos are always displayed in the correct position. The illustrations become particularly interesting when the two gobo wheels are overlayed and played with the focus. The rotating gobos can be exchanged in a very short time without much effort via the gobo slot-in system.

Even more variety is provided by the rotating prism, which triples the image and sets it in motion. A colour wheel, which offers nine colours in addition to white and can also display two colours at the same time, provides for variety. 

The TMH XB-280 beam moving head is extremely light intensive, versatile and yet affordable. Its light source is a powerful 280W discharge lamp, which is included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to this, the extremely narrow beam of the moving head also makes a good impression on large stages. The beam angle of the moving head is only 2°.

A gobo wheel with 13 images is used in the spotlight. Among them are the popular dots gobos, which are particularly effective when they divide the beam into many fine beams in the fog. The XB-280 also has two prisms: an 8x prism and even a 24x prism, which turns the beam into a wide beam spotlight. Both prisms can rotate in both directions at the desired speed, thus ensuring dynamics. The prisms can also be used in combination. All images can be brought into the desired sharpness via a motorized focus.

The XB-280 can also produce soft light; its frost filter then turns it into a veritable washlight. The integrated multi-colour filter creates a multi-coloured image with 14 colours on the colour wheel to choose from.

Both devices are equipped with a USB socket for the wireless QuickDMX system from Eurolite. For the power connection, there is a P-Con socket and also an output socket to forward the power. The XLR connectors are three-pin.