ETC’s F-Drive now compatible with Irideon and Source Four Mini LED

ETC announced F-Drive compatible versions of Irideon FPZ, Irideon WLZ, and Source Four Mini LED. These additions make it even easier to pair ETC luminaires with ETC’s flagship LED driver solution.

Direct connection to the F-Drive system enables facilities to build more cost-effective lighting systems, all backed by a state-of-the-art lighting control solution.

The F-Drive LED power system is both modular and centralized for easy installation and maintenance. Swappable driver cards and power supplies in the F-Drive R12 rack make all critical components readily accessible.

A wide variety of LED systems, including Irideon and Source Four Mini LED, can take advantage of the centralized drive and power structure of F-Drive to reduce costs and simplify the remote lighting positions.

Source Four Mini for F-Drive offers a compact LED solution that fits seamlessly into any lighting system. The Source Four Mini LED delivers everything users expect from the Source Four brand: ease of use, superior optics, crystal-clear image projection, and a bright, even field with the superior characteristics of DMX control. This luminaire is ideal for museums, retail outlets, restaurants, light labs, children’s theatres, and more.

Irideon FPZ for F-Drive and Irideon WLZ for F-Drive bring a sleek design to any F-Drive system. Both Irideon architectural luminaires feature exceptional light output and intuitive controls that are built right into the fixture. With an unassuming industrial design, the Irideon family fits right in any space.