ETC Adds Colour to Estonia’s Paide Kultuurikeskus

The multi-functional Paide Kultuurikeskus, located in the middle of Estonia, opened to the public in December 1987. In recent years, this cultural centre has undergone significant improvements to its facilities to maintain its status as a national landmark, all the while retaining its original and distinctive 1980’s design features. The latest development phase incorporated the installation of a series of ETC ColorSource PAR luminaires.

The unique venue is home to a number of flexible spaces, designed to accommodate a variety of cultural and entertainment events. The 529-seat main hall serves as a cinema, as well as a space for theatrical and musical performances. Other facilities include a spacious foyer for exhibitions, a dance studio, a ballroom, several classrooms, and a small hall suitable for concerts and seminars.

The most recent improvement project involved an upgrade to the lighting configuration in the building’s largest auditorium, known as the Great Hall. Focuspoint, ETC’s Estonian dealer, was appointed to supply and install a suitable solution.

To fulfil the venue’s specific dimming and colour-changing requirements, ETC ColorSource PAR fixtures were selected to replace the original house lights. Moreover, despite an increase in the number of fixtures from 30 to 41, the energy-efficient LED PARs offer a significant reduction in power consumption versus the 500-watt fixtures previously used to illuminate the space.

Kalle Karindi of Focuspoint stated that as Paide Kultuurikeskus hosts such a diverse programme of events, the venue was keen to have the option to use colour, even for the house lights. Kalle continued that LED luminaires were a natural choice, but it was absolutely crucial that the fixtures offered perfect dimming to 0%. This was a challenge for the Focuspoint team, particularly on such a limited budget, but the ColorSource fixtures fit the bill perfectly.

Kalle continued: “The PARs are positioned over the audience and are typically used as regular house lights. However, their versatility means they can also be integrated into visiting productions to create a more immersive environment, they have the whole colour spectrum to play with.”

The recent updates have cemented Paide Kultuurikeskus’s position as a centre of excellence in the Järvamaa region of Estonia. The venue is now fully equipped with cutting-edge technical features for a busy schedule of upcoming events, including National Opera and Ballet performances, stand-up comedy and cabaret shows, graduation ceremonies and trade fairs.