Electrosonic and Moment Factory launch collaboration to drive innovative experiences in transportation hubs and public spaces

The Digital Journey of Surprises at Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Award-winning multimedia production studio Moment Factory and Electrosonic  are furthering their fruitful collaboration and building on successful past projects.

Working together, they continue to produce projects that combine cutting-edge creative technologies with storytelling to shape a new kind of visitor experience in transportation hubs and a variety of public spaces across the world.

Around the globe, transportation hubs and urban districts are seeking to reinforce their identity and reputation. Rather than places to pass through, such public spaces are investing in creative technologies to become destinations in their own right, increasing visitorship and dwell times.

Moment Factory and Electrosonic have already combined their award-winning technical and creative artistry to support the development of several large-scale, signature multimedia projects that create a sense of place. Today, they continue their collaboration with the aim of deepening their shared vision and bringing value to public spaces, through permanent multimedia installations.

This combined endeavour specifically focuses on primary transportation hubs, such as airports, train stations, and infrastructural placemaking. Bringing multimedia to these gateway spaces enhances the passenger experience itself, by serving as a port of entry for visitors and the first or last leg of the journey for locals, while also helping to shape the identity of a city.

Moment Factory and Electrosonic have continually demonstrated their visionary understanding of the transportation industry and its multiple stakeholders, as well as their ability to execute projects all the way from initial concept to post-launch support, thereby ensuring a seamless process.

Among their past collaborations are Tom Bradley Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, and the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, Texas. Most recently, for the new Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport, the Digital Journey of Surprises offers a New Jersey-centric passenger experience that includes fun facts, interactive trivia, and star-studded vignettes.

From its cheerful aesthetic and impactful sculptural elements to its robust, operator-friendly software system, Moment Factory and Electrosonic collaborated to seamlessly design and produce a coherent content ecosystem.

The shared expertise and knowledge at the heart of this continued collaboration will expand a growing shared portfolio of exciting projects, with technical and creative expertise that allow for infinite possibilities. Specialisation in technology-enabled experiences, along with a proven commitment to innovation, Moment Factory and Electrosonic directly translate enhanced guest experiences that create a true sense of place.

“Our shared expertise allows us to seamlessly blend moments of entertainment with the operational needs of these highly complex and busy spaces, which enhances overall passenger satisfaction and engagement,” explained Mikael Charpin, Unit General Manager of Cities at Moment Factory.

“By taking a people-first approach to technology, we create effortless experiences for passengers and airport operators alike,” said Ewan Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Electrosonic. “We’re proud to partner with Moment Factory to revitalize the passenger experience, by creating a sense of wonder and excitement.”