ELECTRONICA 2001 Invests in First DiGiCo Quantum 7 in Central America

San Miguel-based ELECTRONICA 2001, with seven branches across the country, has been at the forefront of El Salvador’s entertainment technology industry for the past 35 years. Its vision is to lead the way in providing first-class technical advice via its highly trained personnel and products that address the latest technological trends. In line with this, it has invested in Central America’s first DiGiCo Quantum 7.

“For many years, DiGiCo has been the benchmark in professional audio consoles,” says the company’s sales manager, Eduardo Gomez. “As a service company, we need to be at the cutting edge to address the demands of both producers and engineers who specify the best consoles for their shows.

“DiGiCo’s range of products is the first choice on most technical riders. Our philosophy has always been to work with the best in the industry and owning DiGiCo consoles has allowed us to provide the equipment necessary to do any world-class show here in El Salvador.”

“We are very proud to be part of the DiGiCo family and to be able to accommodate the demands and professionalism with which the most prestigious shows are now produced,” adds Diego Gomez, who is in charge of international relationships at ELECTRONICA 2001, which also has an SD12, an SD10, four fully loaded 32bit SD-Racks and two D2-Racks in its inventory. “This is part of our DNA as a rental company. Owning three of the best consoles in the world is amazing. It has helped us achieve the high level of commitment we have to always live up to the exacting demands from our industry.

“Whilst we have all faced challenges, adding Quantum 7 to our inventory means that we are ready to continue this commitment into the future.”