Elation Partners with LMP to Distribute Elation Products in Germany

LMP Lichttechnik Vertriebs will begin to distribute Elation Professional products in Germany effective immediately. With LMP as its distribution partner, Elation opens up a wider market for its products while moving closer to its German customers and guaranteeing swifter, higher-quality service.

In LMP, Elation has chosen a company that has been well-respected and highly successful in the market for over 37 years. Beyond moving lights, LMP is also well positioned in the field of static LEDs. The company is also known for its systematic brand development and has had success over the years in the positioning of young brands, including its own.

Major German companies such as satisfy and Amptown System Company (ASC) have been relying on products from Elation in the rental and touring sectors for years and have also turned to Elation to equip cruise ships and fulfil lighting requirements on international project business. Likewise, Niclen Moving Lights Systems has had highly positive experiences with Elation and already carries large numbers of Elation products in its dry hire inventory. Adding LMP as a distribution source in Germany is certain to ensure continued growth for both Elation and LMP.

Commenting on the future of the partnership, Marc Librecht, Sales and Marketing Manager at Elation Europe, stated: “Thanks to the professional positioning of LMP in the German market, we can ensure that our products are made accessible to a wider audience in Germany by experts. Users will be made aware of the wealth of small but significant details of Elation products, as well as the headline features of our products. There are many manufacturers out there but it’s the small details such as our patented dual optics and our systematic further development of products that make all the difference in the premium segment.”
Marc Petzold, LMP Managing Director, added: “Elation has enjoyed tremendous success in recent years and offers a wealth of moving lights that are in no way inferior in terms of quality to those of other premium manufacturers. The geographical proximity of Elation’s European headquarters in Kerkrade (The Netherlands), which also boasts a large showroom, is another big plus. Not only does this benefit our customers but we, too, can profit in terms of training opportunities and product demonstrations. We look forward to representing Elation vigorously henceforth in Germany and helping the company to achieve further growth.”