Elation Lighting Enhancement at Fashion Drive Shopping Centre in Monterrey, Mexico

Fashion Drive is a world-class shopping centre in Monterrey, Mexico, that offers all the amenities of modern retail. Located in the city’s contemporary municipality of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Fashion Drive is a high profile shopping centre whose modern design goes beyond shopping to embrace leisure, entertainment, dining, and even a hotel. Opened in March 2017, the modern shopping mall features top fashion brand stores and stretches across four levels.

An eye-catching lighting scheme was sought to project multi-chromatic shades onto the building’s modern architecture, both indoors at a large atrium area and on the outdoor facade. Tasked with dynamically illuminating the façade and livening up the interior ceiling in a variety of shades was Elation’s Mexican partner, Adimsa, who worked with Monterrey-based Luxe Lighting on the project. The two companies worked together on the lighting specification and design for both the indoor and outdoor areas of the centre while also handling installation and supervision.
Dynamic illumination of Fashion Drive’s outdoor façade was completed using IP65-rated Elation SixPar series LED PAR colour changers. The fully weatherproof SixPar lights use 6-colour LED multi-chips to uplight columns of exterior cladding in a wide palette of decorative highlights and smooth colour transitions. Installed at ground level, SixPar 100 IP™, SixPar 200 IP™ and SixPar 300 IP fixtures (7, 12 and 18 x 12-watt LEDs respectively), provide coverage illumination along the height of each column. The SixPar fixtures are also used to uplight a series of palm trees that line the street front. The façade’s exterior lighting scheme also uses one meter-long Elation SixBar 1000 IP™ color changing battens to downlight a section of the building’s façade from above.

The outdoor lighting scheme provides an eye-catching taste of the activity and excitement going on inside the mall, an important decorative eye-catcher in the competitive world of retail, and also gives the mall the possibility to customize the lighting for special occasions like holidays. “With its six-color LED chip, the SixPar can produce a lot of different colors which means we can dress the building in any shade,” stated Adimsa’s architectural lighting designer Gadier Pico, who has more than 10 years of experience in architectural lighting design. Pico not only sold the project to the client and was in charge of the lighting design, he also supervised the installation and programmed the fixtures.

“The IP protection and the overall excellent quality of the fixtures were very important,” Pico said, adding that the competitive price versus similar products on the market was also a factor in their choice. There were other reasons as well. “The Elation product guarantee, quick delivery, and technical support all gave us confidence that we had made the right choice.”

Inside the shopping centre’s large atrium, the main gathering and confluence area for shoppers, SixPar 100 LED Par lights with barndoor attachments are used to light the vast ceiling. The luminaries project dynamic colour across a series of cladded cross supports that mimic the outdoor façade design, and light the latticed ceiling above, giving a new dimension to the large interior space. The barndoors on the SixPar fixtures are used to accurately direct the light and avoid projecting into the eyes of the shoppers walking inside the mall.

More than a shopping mall, Fashion Drive is a luxury destination. The Elation lighting installation, completed in March 2017, is an important piece in Fashion Drive’s aim to offer a distinctive and exclusive shopping and entertainment experience.