Elation key light solution for Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis

Traders Point Christian Church is an Indiana-based church with multiple locations around Indianapolis. In 2020, the church presented their local AVL integrator, Force Tech, with the need for a new key light solution for one of their new mobile campus locations. “We wanted a fixture that had an LED engine, a full framing system, variable white control and the ability to fully pan and tilt. The fixture also needed to be road-worthy because our campus had to load in and out on a weekly basis,” states Alex Holt, Creative Experience Director at Traders Point.

Nick Olson, Sales Engineer at Force Tech, worked closely with Traders Point on the upgrade and proposed Elation’s Fuze Profile CW, an LED framing moving head with White LED engine and gobo / color options that can be used anywhere a fully automated ellipsoidal fixture is required. The church acquired the luminaire and first had the opportunity to use the fixtures while building out the lighting package for one of their new mobile campus locations.

Force Tech, based in Greenfield, Indiana, and specialists in custom solutions for technology integration, supplied and installed the Fuze lights for Traders Point, as well as provided product demonstrations and infrastructure (truss and data). Elation product support came from manufacturer rep firm Five Lakes Marketing.

“The Fuze Profile CW was a new fixture to our team,” said Alex, “but after getting our hands on it, I was hooked. It delivered everything we needed and more at a price point that couldn’t be found on the market. The light output blew me away. The white it produces is extremely clean, and the field it produces is incredibly even from edge to edge. The framing system is precise and consistent every time. I knew this fixture was going to be the future of our key lighting in all of our auditoriums.”

Due to COVID and the restrictions that come with it, the church had to temporarily suspend gatherings at the portable campus where they were using the new fixtures. The interruption, however, gave them a chance to start demoing the fixtures at their broadcast location, a 3,000-seat main auditorium at their primary campus, Traders Point Christian Church Northwest.

“With making the move to a 4K broadcast system, we knew our key lighting needed to be best-in-class and the Fuze Profile CW once again blew us away,” Alex said. “Its ability to create an even, soft and smooth field of light across a 60′ platform gave our broadcast a fresh, sharp and clean look. And the ability to adjust color temperatures allowed us to dial in the perfect look – no matter the moment we were creating.”

Completed in late 2020, the lighting upgrade initially consisted of six fixtures yet after experiencing the fixtures, the church made the decision to purchase 20 additional units through Force Tech to completely replace their conventional Leko key lighting system. Alex commented: “With 10 fixtures across the front of our platform, six along the wings and four over the platform for top and back light, we can illuminate any part of our platform in a full 360 degrees of light. The old problems of having to re-aim and rehang conventional fixtures for new stage configurations and the addition of special elements disappeared.”