Elation introduces the new SIX+ PAR series

Elation has updated its SIXPAR series with the SIX+ PAR S and SIX+ PAR L. SIX+ PAR offers a fusion of enhanced output, expanded colour spectrum, and overall superior quality of light, making it an indispensable tool for the colour-savvy lighting designer. Not only that, the new SIX+ PAR is IP65 protected to handle any environment.

Available with either 7x or 14x 20W RGBLA+UV LEDs, the SIX+ PAR offers the ultra-wide colour spectrum, outstanding colour rendering and high CRI (93) that exacting designers demand. The carefully engineered optical system guarantees that beautifully homogenised colour distributes evenly and with no colour fringing, from high-fidelity whites to intense primaries and virtually every shade in between. Furthermore, they house the same LED engine as Elation’s new SIX+ BAR series for a perfect colour match.

At 3200 lumens for the SIX+ PAR S and over 7000 lumens for the SIX+ PAR L, these indoor/outdoor PAR colour changers punch well above their weight. To expand the colour capabilities of the SIX+ PAR further, precise colour temperature control via a dedicated variable CCT control channel has been integrated with adjustments capable from 2400K – 8500K. A CMY Emulation mode plus an integrated library of calibrated colour presets that match the most popular gel filters have also been included.

The SIX+ PAR’s durable housing includes a dedicated diffusion lens holder with an optional gel frame holder available that can accommodate industry-standard 7.5” (S)/10” (L) accessories. Beam angle is 12° with a 22° lens included that allows them to match seamlessly with existing SIXPAR fixtures. Other optional lenses are also available. SIX+ PAR luminaires house an electronic dimmer and strobe and are capable of smooth dimming from 0-100% with excellent stability throughout the range. A selection of 16-bit dimming modes and curves are also included.

To ensure the SIX+ PAR can be integrated seamlessly alongside original SIXPAR fixtures, great care has been taken to ensure that the new LED array colours match the original. A unique DMX mode has been created for SIXPAR emulation, enabling seamless control of the new fixtures using the identical DMX mapping as the original. The colour mixing has also been calibrated to virtually emulate the White LED included in the original SIXPAR array, and an output limit master setting has been added so the new lights don’t overpower any older fixtures in the rig.

Useful for any production that requires the magic and allure of colour and easily integrated into installation applications, the SIX+ PAR serves as a highly versatile wash light, uplight, wall wash, key/front light, truss warmer and more. A robust IP65 rating makes these compact and rugged LED fixtures go-to workhorse colour-changers for both indoor and outdoor events. Its marine-grade coating makes them safe to use in harsh coastal environments, while the fanless cooling system ensures silent operation for noise-sensitive settings. In addition, remotely variable LED refresh frequency allows them to be easily integrated into any broadcast application.

With a dual yoke design, mount them on the floor or effortlessly rig them to hang using a c-clamp or the included omega bracket receiver. The fixtures also feature proprietary Aria x2 wireless device management for simplified system setup and maintenance.

Harmonizing the latest in LED colour technology with refined design, the SIX+ PAR is set to shine anywhere a high output, small form factor, and easy deployable PAR light is required.