Ebullition Celebrates 25th Birthday with DiGiCo SD12

This year is Centre Culturel Ebullition’s 25th birthday and the club’s owners decided to celebrate this milestone by upgrading it audio equipment, which included investing in a DiGiCo SD12.

Situated in Bulle in the south west of Switzerland, the 300-capacity live music venue is housed in a 100-year old cinema and hosts a variety of acts from rock, pop, funk and folk to ska, punk, reggae, Hip-Hop and hardcore metal, as well as theatre productions and cinema.

When they decided to upgrade the club’s audio system, Vincent Sudan, the club’s technical manager, contacted Tonspur AG, DiGiCo’s Swiss distributor, because he had purchased an SD8 from them for another club he also works in. “The club had an old analogue console and it was clear that they needed to change for a digital console,” says Tonspur’s Eddy Broquet. “Vincent already knew DiGiCo, so the choice of console manufacturer was clear and they decide that the SD12 would perfectly fit their technical requirements and their budget.”

Ebullition’s DiGiCo system consists of an SD12 with a DiGiCo Waves SoundGrid DMI Card for plugin integration, a D2-Rack on stage (48in/16out) and a SD-Mini Rack at FOH to provide enough I/O for Ebullition’s guest engineers. “We chose a DiGiCo SD Series console for its excellent sound quality and functionally,” adds Vincent. “We wanted to have the most recent console and the SD12 was the ideal choice because of its size, as we have limited space.

“We’ve had great comments about the club’s sound from engineers, our clientele and our staff since we’ve had our new system and our SD12. The sound is more accurate, warm and powerful. The service we received from Tonspur and DiGiCo was just perfect. Both companies are quick and efficient and we are very happy with our SD12.”