Dynacord’s MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine Gets New Functionality

Dynacord’s MXE5 was introduced to the market last summer as the first member of the new MXE matrix mix engine series. The performance audio matrix with 24 by 24 crosspoints provides comprehensive routing and mixing capabilities, while also serving as a communications hub for IP-based peripherals with extensive control and monitoring functions. The entire network infrastructure – including Dante audio transport and AES70-compliant control – is already onboard. MXE5 is ideally suited for fixed installations in stadiums and sports venues, convention, conference and event centres, modern churches and larger educational facilities.

As of now, the MXE5 matrix mix engine can also be easily integrated with media control systems from Crestron and Q-SYS using plug-ins. MXE5’s DSP configuration is accomplished in SONICUE sound system software, one of the most powerful software solutions in the industry, offering complete control and easy, intuitive operation. In addition, MXE5 also features an HTTP or HTTPS server application programming interface (API) for integration with IP-based media and building control systems.

Additionally, MXE5 also works as an OCA (AES70) controller for integrating other OCA-based devices, such as Dynacord IPX series amplifiers, and provides a powerful interface from the audio system to all other controls within an installation.

“The best audio quality has always been a top priority for all Dynacord products,” said Christian Glück, Senior Product Manager, Dynacord. “But integration capabilities with media control and building management software are becoming increasingly important to the market. With our new third-party plug-ins and programming interface, MXE5 now possesses an enhanced feature set that makes it even better suited for such requirements. We will continuously expand these features in future. We’ve also created a whole new set of SONICUE training videos and web-based training specifically for MXE5 and the TPC-1 Touch Panel Controller to help users design their solutions as efficiently as possible.”

The plug-ins, which contain all major control functions, and SONICUE sound system software can be downloaded free of charge from the Dynacord website. The new training and web-based training can be found on Dynacord’s YouTube channel and on the Bosch Communications Systems Academy platform.