DWP Live uses PIXERA for HOW campaign

Since 2007, DWP Live has become internationally known for providing high-quality audio-visual equipment and event production services for events of any size, anywhere in the world.

In partnership with event planners, hotels, venues, agencies, and staging customers, the Nashville-based team under the leadership of CEO Danny Whetstone creates and executes a multitude of events annually.

With more and more congregations in the international house-of-worship sector becoming increasingly aware of the powerful creative possibilities that technologies like projection mapping and real-time compositing offer them, it is companies with a proven track record like DWP Live that are able to seamlessly support them and their creative partners both during the planning and actual project execution stage.

A recent example of this growing trend is DWP Live’s helping the World Outreach Church with its “Sanctuary of Scripture: The Walk Way” capital campaign, an innovative and emotionally engaging initiative to raise funds for the expansion and improvement of the church’s current campus facilities.

One part of the multi-faceted campaign included an installation consisting of mapped indoor projections to display stunning, interactive imagery for visitors as they walk through the campus’ pedestrian-only spaces.

Fivestone Studios’ Traylor Woodall enlisted DWP Live to help transform their concept design, storyboards, and custom-created content into an inspiring projection mapping visitor experience, that would become an integral part of the on-site presentation of the fundraising campaign.

A PIXERA media server license installed on custom-built DWP Live hardware and two Barco UDX 4K32 projectors were the key equipment components of the installation.

One of the practical challenges during the setup process involved covering a number of designated glass surfaces, while leaving the connected mullions and architectural elements exposed. “We decided to custom paint foam core to match the walls so that there was no colour shift across the projection façade,” explained Whetstone.

To focus on the simplicity and user-friendliness of the final installation, the DWP Live team created a content loop and connected the lighting elements via timecode, resulting in a “one button go” control setup for the team running the content throughout the duration of the visitor experience.

Danny Whetstone shared his impressions of employing AV Stumpfl’s PIXERA platform for the installation: “I really love the intuitive simplicity of the main PIXERA GUI, which allowed us to easily and efficiently deliver native 4K content to the projection system.

“The ability to sync the GrandMA lighting console via timecode was another plus because it meant that the lighting looks could chase the timeline perfectly without requiring additional operators for such a long run of the show.”

The World Outreach Church’s executives and the tech team were so impressed with the final setup’s impact, reliability, and ease of use, that they decided to extend the original run of the installation by an additional three weeks.