DiGiCo S21 Delivers the Music to New York Bar Phuket

DiGiCo’s S21 delivers powerful, compact solution for rocking live music venue in Phuket

New York Bar Phuket, Thailand installed DiGiCo S21, supplied by Fuzion Far East, the British manufacturer’s Thailand distributor.

Success was not always synonymous with this particular venue, as Fuzion’s Joshua Oates explained: “The bar seemed to be in one of those spots that just didn’t work. It had been taken over and over again but failed each time. That is until its current owners came along and transformed it into one of the area’s best-loved night spots. To make absolutely sure success was guaranteed, they got in contact with us to supply them with the hottest audio gear in town that would suit their predominantly rock-based live show needs.”

New York Bar’s owner opted for the S21 as he knew it would give him all the DiGiCo power and audio quality in a cost-effective, compact format that would fit in the club’s extremely small control room.

Installed and commissioned along with a Nexo PA by Mr Team, one of Thailand’s largest audio production and installation companies, the S21 has been set up for ultimate ease of use for visiting sound engineers, who are enjoying both its simplicity and the ability to control it remotely from the iPad app.

The bar owner added: “After a quick install and easy setup the S21 was hard at work running our live music venue, it’s been an easy transition to DiGiCo and the S21 has helped New York Bar to be another great venue on the beautiful Pukhet Island, delivering great bands and great service. I’m looking forward to many more great sounding nights here. It really is a venue you must hear to believe.”