dbx by HARMAN Professional Launches CX Series Loudspeaker Control Systems

HARMAN Professional Solutions has introduced dbx CX Series loudspeaker control systems for the China market.

Ideal for rental companies, hospitality venues, houses of worship, touring artists and corporate A/V and education markets, the CX Series provides all of the processing necessary to get the most out of sound systems while ensuring safe, stable operation.

Full-featured, multichannel systems offer a comprehensive suite of digital tools: Each input and output channel features dedicated six-band parametric EQ; limiter; compressor; delays; and Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and 12/18/24/36 dB/octave filters. Internal 96kHz/24-bit resolution with 32-bit floating-point processing ensures pristine audio quality.

Front-panel features include a bright, backlit LCD screen with intuitive editing controls for fast, easy deployment. Input and output channel LED indicators display system status at a glance; each channel includes level indicators and a mute button. A USB port connects to a PC to provide access to a full-featured GUI for control of all hardware parameters. Units are designed for fast deployment and simple operation, with 30 built-in presets and access to downloadable JBL loudspeaker presets.

“Touring artists and rental companies customise sound systems for a range of venues and spaces; they need a loudspeaker-management solution that meets diverse acoustic requirements. Meanwhile, commercial facilities often share common system configurations in many spaces,” said Daryl Wong, HARMAN Director of Professional Product Development, China Division.

“With the CX Series, system designers can take advantage of the fidelity we’re famous for, in a family of intuitive, affordable loudspeaker management systems offering digital processing, routing and tuning to protect their equipment while delivering the best sound possible in any scenario.”

Three models are available: the two-in, four-out CX2400; the three-in, six-out CX3600; and the four-in, eight-out CX4800.