d&b audiotechnik Releases 44S loudspeaker

d&b audiotechnik continues loudspeaker innovation leadership with 44S loudspeaker.

d&b audiotechnik has introduced the latest addition to the company’s extensive product repertoire, the 44S loudspeaker. The company’s first flush mountable cabinet, delivering compact, high performance audio and a wide range of flexible mounting options.

“For audio professionals who may be challenged by dimensions, architecture, or aesthetics, the 44S loudspeaker is a powerful, compact, flush-mountable loudspeaker that provides the sound needed, no matter what space they have to work with,” commented d&b Product Manager, Wolfgang Schulz. “It’s a very compact point source loudspeaker for flexible use in nearfield applications, and there is a big need in our industry for this type of form factor.”

Driven by a dedication to designing solutions that address market needs, the 44S is a highly directional loudspeaker with SPL max 121dB using a d&b 10D installation amplifier (and 123dB with a high-powered 30D/D80), offering the highest possible performance for both permanent installations and mobile applications. The loudspeaker features a clever waveguide and baffle design which results in high directivity and minimises interference between loudspeakers even when placed close together. The asymmetric cabinet provides built-in tilt options of +/- 20 degrees for precise coverage angles, giving users flexibility in adjusting for different listening heights.

Not only is the loudspeaker powerful, it can also go where no d&b loudspeaker has gone before with an asymmetrical cabinet shape to meet flexible in-built requirements. At only 128mm tall the 44S can be placed where most loudspeakers cannot: under mobile stages and balconies, stage lips, and stairs—even flush mounted in ceiling, walls and soffits with the option of a backbox.

“We at d&b are very proud to showcase our ongoing commitment to the installation market with the launch of this new product”, commented Wolfgang. “At a time when the market is challenged more than ever, it is important for us to bring flexible, multi-function solutions to the industry.”

The two-way passive loudspeaker cabinet measures just 128 by 390 by 150mm in size and houses 2 by 4.5” neodymium LF drivers and 2 by 1.25” HF dome tweeters, delivering a frequency response of between 90Hz – 17kHz.