DAS Audio Delivers an Abundance of Acoustic Energy at The Palace

The Palace. Photo: Liz Clayman

Located on a storied corner of SoHo and TriBeCa, The Palace is a brand-new nightlife spot opening in early September 2021. With its sights clearly set on becoming New York’s premier place to be, the venue is the first facility of its kind in greater New York to use DAS Audio’s E11EVEN Sound loudspeakers, which are specifically designed to inject a high level of acoustic energy into today’s EDM (Electronic Dance Music) environments.

New York, NY-based Canal Sound & Light, which provides sound, lighting, video, and DJ equipment sales, installations, and rentals throughout the greater NYC area, was contracted to design and deploy the new sound reinforcement system at The Palace. Owner/Operator Jeffrey Kwan worked closely with John Fiorito, DAS Audio of America’s National Sales Manager for Nightclubs and Hospitality, to formulate a sound system design that would meet the expectations of The Palace management. Together, they deployed a DAS E11EVEN Sound loudspeaker setup designed by Fiorito and commissioned by Fiorito and Geovanni Ortiz using Rational Acoustic’s SMAART suite of audio and acoustical measurement and instrumentation software tools. Kwan discussed the project.

“Because of the complexity of providing the right sound throughout the venue’s multiple zones, John Fiorito was on site throughout the entire process to support our crew and to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction to The Palace management,” Kwan reports. “On the main dance floor, we created a 4-point setup utilizing four DAS E11EVEN Sound ES-10 2-way point source loudspeakers, which have a 110-degree horizontal by 50-degree vertical dispersion pattern. For low frequency support, these enclosures are augmented by an ES-221 dual 21-inch transducer subwoofer with RMS 8,000 watts of power. This enclosure resides underneath the DJ booth/stage. Further, there are two ES-218 passive, bass reflex subwoofers that provide additional low-end support.”

The DJ booth consists of two On Point custom 10-inch horns, each with 750-watt RMS power using Powersoft Modulars. There is also a single custom 10-inch sub designed for special fittings that is driven by 600W RMS power. Music playback is handled by two Pioneer CDJ3000 DJ multi-players and a Pioneer DJM900nxs2 4-channel DJ mixer.

The Palace includes two bar zones plus a mezzanine. Bar zone 1 includes two DAS ES-26 passive 2-way point source loudspeakers, with low frequency support provided by a DAS Quantum Series Q-10 compact subwoofer. The second bar zone includes four DAS ES-26 enclosures plus another two Quantum Q-10 subwoofers.

For the mezzanine, the Canal Sound & Light team deployed six DAS ES6 loudspeakers on the area walls, which include a 6-inch transducer and an M-34 compression driver that is designed for vertical or horizontal positioning. For low frequency support, there are also two DAS ES18 passive, bass reflex subwoofers. Completing the setup is an equipment rack that is outfitted with DAS E11EVEN Sound EP-2K4 and EP-6K4 power amplifiers (one each), two EP-260 processor units, along with some power amps from third party manufacturers that were re-purposed from a previous setup at the venue. The EP-6K4 is used for the main dance floor ES10 enclosures while the EP-2K4 amps are used for the ES6 loudspeakers found on the mezzanine.

When asked about the use of DAS Audio’s E11EVEN Sound Series loudspeakers for The Palace project, Kwan offered the following comments, “The ES-10 loudspeakers provide the perfect sound, as well as the required dispersion and right type of look for the main dance floor. Similarly, the subwoofers are incredibly punchy and provide a deep, clear bass. The result is a remarkably full, rich, and natural sound with the SPL levels required for this type of environment.”

When queried about DAS Audio’s customer and technical support services, Kwan was equally enthusiastic, “John Fiorito and the DAS Audio team provided unparalleled support services. John is extremely talented and committed. He flew to New York City to meet with ownership to ensure them their project was being well taken care of and was very ‘hands on’ throughout the installation. In the process, he demonstrated a true passion for delivering exceptional sound systems.”

Reflecting on the now completed project, Kwan offered the following comments, “We are extremely proud to deliver the first E11EVEN Sound system to New York City. The system sounds and feels incredible. I anticipate a lot of buzz and attention based on the quality of the sound. Ownership is doing all the right things to elevate the NYC nightclub experience at The Palace, and it all starts with putting in the best sound system. Owner Ben Robertshaw is equally enthusiastic. “DAS Audio and Canal Sound & Light teamed up and delivered what I consider to be an exceptional audio system. The sound is terrific and the energy it creates is perfect for this type of environment. For those of us on the management team, we couldn’t be happier!”