D.A.S. Audio Appoints Guerre US Marketing Manager

DAS Audio Appoints Guerre U.S Marketing Manager

D.A.S. Audio of America has welcomed Edwin Guerra to US Marketing Manager, he will be responsible for all US tradeshow coordination, social media management and content creation. Supporting the company’s sales staff with a variety of marketing initiatives, and overseeing the creation of related marketing collateral. Edwin is stationed at the Miami office.

Reflecting on his new role with D.A.S. Audio, Edwin commented: “I’ve been very fortunate to work with music and sound in several different areas and, with D.A.S. Audio, I now have the opportunity to further solidify the company’s standing in the US market. D.A.S. has an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of some of the world’s best loudspeaker systems and I look forward to helping the company take its business to the next level.”

Prior to joining D.A.S. Audio, he served as Production Director for Battlefrog Race Series of Miami, where he consulted on all audio equipment purchases in addition to overseeing the deployment of equipment for events. He was also an audiovisual installation technician for AVED of Miami. In this capacity he was directly involved in the installation of home theatre systems, alarms, security cameras, as well as handling system programming and a variety of additional responsibilities.

Jaime Villegas, General Manager of D.A.S. Audio of America explained : “Finding an individual who, in addition to possessing the technical background necessary for a position of this nature, also possesses the skills and vision to help formulate the company’s marketing message is no small undertaking. Edwin demonstrates both the technical understanding and the artistic vision of what it takes to convey the company’s products in the best possible light. I am confident he will do well here at D.A.S. Audio. All of us welcome him onto our team.”