The new nightclub and event space is a renovation of the dearly departed Studio Paris, which closed in January 2019 after an eight-year run. With a totally redesigned interior, Dance Studio Vol. 1 is a 350-person venue that hosts live music, DJs and ‘surprise entertainment’. It features an awe-inspiring lighting system that was designed and installed by Chicago-based audiovisual design and integration company, Craft Lighting, and a brand-new audio system installed by Sound Investment Audio.

Disco balls have been used to create a sparkling atmosphere in dancehalls and nightclubs for almost a century, though they have become synonymous with the 70s disco explosion, famed for its lavish parties and forward-thinking fashion. Dance Studio Vol. 1, based in Chicago’s River North neighbourhood, takes this lighting staple to a new level by filling the ceiling above its dancefloor completely with ADJ mirror balls of various sizes.

Craft Lighting supplied and installed a total of 475 ADJ mirror balls of different sizes, hanging them at various heights to create a sea of glass facets above the heads of dancers. A mixture of standard eight-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch and 20-inch balls were combined with three huge 40-inch units to create a truly dazzling, eye-catching installation, which surrounds a moving light package consisting of fixtures from Elation Professional.

Craft Lighting supplied the Elation Professional DARTZ 360 and Fuze Wash Z120 moving heads that are scattered throughout the ceiling, mingling with the mirror balls. “The Dartz fixtures were a no-brainer for us to specify as the main workhorse for the dancefloor lighting system. Their speed, rich feature set, and astounding output are unparalleled from a fixture of their size and price point. They were a perfect fit for this project,” said Noah Craft, Owner and Lead Designer at Craft Lighting. “And the Fuze Wash Z120 moving heads were an excellent complement to the Dartz fixtures on the dancefloor and throughout the rest of the venue, with their excellent output, colour and zoom range. In addition to their use as dance lights, the private events team loves these fixtures for their ability to provide attractive adjustable ‘pin-spotting’ that their clients may require on food stations or activations.”

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