CSD Group and CHAUVET Professional Create Contemporary Worship Environment At Summit Church

The Summit Church attracts 10,000 worshippers weekly.

The Summit Church attracts 10,000 worshippers weekly and has a new contemporary worship environment with help from CSD Group and CHAUVET Professional. 

The high-tech impression conveyed by the building’s sleek exterior is only the beginning. Once inside the 90,064 square foot house of worship, the visitor is greeted by a welcoming and engaging environment created with help from an advanced AVL system engineered and installed by the CSD Group that features an immersive 360° sound system, massive video walls, and a state-of-the art LED lighting system anchored by close to 100 CHAUVET Professional fixtures and two Net X II nodes.

The new building serves as Summit Church’s broadcast center. Services from its 1,800-seat worship area are live streamed to the church’s nine other campus in the Research Triangle. Accurate, precisely controlled key lighting and color temperatures are critical to maintaining high quality broadcast standards for the church’s sophisticated audience, which is why the CSD Group paid careful attention to stage lighting.

“Quality of lighting for video was essential,” said David McCauley of CSD Group. “The church attracts 10,000 worshippers weekly mostly in its satellite campuses. No one wanted to distract from services with lighting that didn’t look absolutely correct on the live steam videos.”

The CSD team positioned 29 Ovation E-160WW ellipsoidal fixtures with 26° lens tubes, 18- Ovation P-56FC par units and 26 Ovation F-915FC full color Fresnels around the stage. “We have most of the ellipsoidals arranged in groups of three across the stage as front lights, then have some stage left and right,” said David. “There are pars across the entire stage for fill ins. We also have Ovation units as top and back lights. They’re used to colorize the stage. The realistic, deeply saturated colors that they produce come off very well on video.”

Playing a critical role in the Summit Church lighting system are 12 Maverik MK1 Spot and 10- Maverik MK2 Wash fixtures. These moving fixtures perform a variety of functions at the church, from contributing to stage lighting, to creating aerial effects and specials for concerts and events.