Crossroads Community Church Uses Hitachi CP-WX8265 Projector for Immersive Worship Experience

Looking to create a more interactive worship experience, Crossroads Community Church of Fitchburg, Massachusetts has combined three Hitachi CP-WX8265 projectors with theatrical stage lighting to set a visual scene that covers the entire front panorama of the church, spanning over 120 ft. The 600-seat church needed high-brightness projectors to cut through the splash of stage lighting. The CP-WX8265 projectors, which were sold through Shepherd Multimedia, deliver bright colours despite the other competing lighting elements.

“We tend to push our technology to the limit by changing how we use our tools every week,” explained Adrian Gates, Media Director of the church. “In under one year, we’ve had six different stage designs, most with different lighting and projection setups.” The church needed projectors that could deliver no matter how far from the source or the type of surface they hit. Hitachi was able to fulfil the church’s needs with the highest-quality images.

Crossroads Community Church is media-driven, projecting videos, sermon illustrations, lyrics and Bible verses every Sunday. But there is more work to be done to make the sanctuary complete. “Our next step is to add three more projectors capable of floor-to-ceiling images, most likely the Hitachi CP-X8160,” said Adrian. “The next three projectors will provide environmental projection that will allow us to provide strong visual images to underscore our teaching and worship.”

The church staff and community have been very pleased with the quality and ease of use of the projectors. Using drop-ceiling brackets, the installation of the projectors was easy for Adrian and there are no obstructed views of the screens throughout the church.

“After struggling with lesser projectors, the CP-WX8265 provides professional quality and makes our work shine like we need it to,” concluded Adrian.