CODA Audio Provides Bremen Theatre Remedy

CODA Audio TiRAY delivers standout performance at important German theatre.

The Bremen Theatre consulted with CODA Audio Deutschland and having taken account of the company’s recommendations, elected to install a system based around CODA Audio TiRAY line-array speakers.

The Neoclassical style Theater am Goetheplatz is the main theatre in the North German city of Bremen. Commonly known as The Bremen Theatre and dating back to 1913, this listed building today presents a varied programme of musicals, opera, drama, readings and more.

The installation comprised 24 CODA Audio TiRAY (12 per side) complemented by 6 x SCV-F subwoofers and 5 x HOPS5 as frontfill. The system is driven by 4 LINUS M-RACK (LINUS14D amplifier in 3U case). Hooked up to two Digico consoles for advanced zoning and signal distribution, the audio is transported to the LINUS14D via DANTE.

CODA Audio TiRAY is a remarkably compact, super light system that delivers a far greater punch than many of its more sizeable equivalents. The CODA Audio HOPS5 has a similarly impressive output to size ratio, with high fidelity sonics and plenty of kick. In a medium size setting such as the Bremen Theatre, CODA Audio TiRAY is visually discreet, yet comfortably powerful enough to cope with the demands of any production.

Sebastian Bahr of CODA Audio Deutschland commented: “The Theatre is famous for regularly staging high-class productions and its new CODA Audio TiRAY system is the perfect fit. Everyone who has heard the new system in action immediately remarked on the huge improvement in audio quality, drawing attention to the ‘naturality’ of the sound. With twelve pieces of TiRAY per side, we achieved great acoustic width and depth resulting in impressive coverage across all three tiers of the audience.”

With a CODA Audio TiRAY system in place, The Bremen Theatre now has an audio system to match the premium quality of its rich and diverse programme of events.