CODA Audio introduces LINUS12C

CODA Audio has announced an addition to its range of amplification in the shape of the brand new LINUS12C. At a time when audio manufacturers and suppliers are experiencing unprecedented turbulence in the supply chain, the forward-thinking focus of CODA’s design team has enabled the company to develop and make available LINUS12C in spite of the difficulties in the market.

LINUS12C utilises technology contained within CODA Audio’s LINUS14 to match that flagship model’s reputation for distortion-free reliability and power. By virtue of its factory presets for all appropriate CODA systems, LINUS 12C offers a flexible and attractive solution for touring, permanent installation, corporate AV and portable applications.

The LINUS12C is a four channel DSP, network and amplifier that delivers 4 x 3000 W of clean power in a light weight 19”/2U package. Its class D-IC output stage topology delivers audiophile sonic accuracy with enormous headroom providing significant system performance improvements in dynamics and transparency.

LINUS CORE, its SHARC floating point DSP processor ensures tremendous processing power enabling the integration of sophisticated audio algorithms. The advanced signal processing includes IIR and phase linear DS-FIR filters for perfect linearity and superior sound performance, as well as advanced look-ahead and frequency dependent limiters for increased system headroom and sonic fidelity under heavy use conditions.

CODA Audio Global Director of Marketing, David Webster commented: “Our R&D team deserves huge credit for bringing LINUS12C to the table during very challenging times. We’re determined to remain ahead of the game to ensure that our customers always have exactly what they need, when they need it. The LINUS12C is a significant development within our range that caters for a very broad spectrum of applications, and maintains the very highest standards of quality you’d expect from CODA Audio.”