Clear-Com elevates chatter at the David H. Koch Theater

The iconic David H. Koch Theater, nestled in the heart of Lincoln Center and renowned for its dedication to dance, has recently undergone a transformative technological upgrade. In a collaborative effort with Clear-Com, the theatre has revamped its wireless intercom, and installed all new panels to enhance communication efficiency.

Originally constructed in 1964 as the New York State Theater, the venue was designed by the esteemed architect Philip Johnson. Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in the cultural landscape of New York, serving as the home to the New York City Ballet and hosting various other theatrical performances, including classic Broadway musical revivals. Most recently, the 2024 Tony Awards were held at the theatre, utilizing Clear-Com’s advanced communication systems to ensure a smooth and successful event.

In a generous commitment to the arts, philanthropist David H. Koch pledged $100 million in 2008 to facilitate the renovation of the theater. This commitment led to the renaming of the venue as the David H. Koch Theater in 2008, solidifying its status as a beacon of artistic excellence.

Clear-Com has been an integral part of the David H. Koch Theater since its inception in 1964. A notable upgrade took place during the 2008/2009 renovation when the Eclipse® system was introduced. Fast forward to the present, and the theater’s communication system has received a significant facelift, ensuring a seamless experience for performers, crew, and production staff.

James Schaller, Clear-Com Regional Sales Manager and key figure in this technological transformation, spearheaded the recent upgrades recognized the urgency of a quick update due to the New York City Ballet and touring companies relying on the system, and worked with the rest of the Clear-Com team to execute a swift and efficient process. The Eclipse system was upgraded, featuring new panels and FreeSpeak II® devices installed with the latest software. The entire operation was completed with impressive speed, with a lead time of just five weeks from order to installation.

“With the ballet season demanding precise timing, it was crucial for us to complete the upgrades efficiently. The success of this project underscores the reliability and efficiency of Clear-Com’s solutions,” remarked James, emphasizing the importance of the upgrade.

The enhancements to the communication system provide substantial benefits, including customizable configurations for individual users and advanced wireless capabilities. This modernization has significantly improved the operational efficiency for the New York City Ballet and other productions.

On June 16, 2024, the David H. Koch Theater hosted the Tony Awards, further establishing its prominence in the performing arts domain. The recent deployment of Clear-Com’s LQ Series IP interfaces showcased the upgraded system’s adaptability, enabling comprehensive communication across extensive distances and ensuring seamless coordination during the event.

“We are thrilled to be part of the David H. Koch Theater’s journey towards technological excellence. The upgraded communication system not only meets the demands of the present but also positions the theatre for continued success in the future,” commented Donald Wood, Audio Engineer at the David Koch Theater.

Clear-Com remains committed to advancing communication solutions in the entertainment industry, providing cutting-edge technology that elevates the performance experience for artists and production teams alike.